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Testimonials for Amara Sage

Therapist: Amara Sage
Session Date: 6/18/19
Reviewer: LF
Comments: Amara is a delightful mix of spiritual and sensual, serious and hilarious, beautiful and approachable, intuitive healer and natural teacher. Her sessions focus on a deep and unforced mind, body, soul, earth and universe connection. She provides for a receptive and safe environment in which to release yourself to this, while still being grounded enough to enjoy silly banter. Following her careful guidance, I found myself lost in a surprisingly and profoundly discarnate experience, for which my only melancholy was the clock on the wall.

Therapist: Amara Sage
Session Date: 4/15/19
Reviewer: DB
Comments: I was lucky enough to book one of the first massage appointments with Amara Sage, who is new to the Temple. Wow! I am still counting my blessings. Amara is even more beautiful in person! Deep soulful eyes, soft skin, gorgeous figure, and a very sweet personality! She said she was not a certified masseuse, but let me just say she is a magician with her hands. I especially appreciated her dedication to my comfort and pleasure. Amara offers a totally blissful sensual experience, within the normal boundaries of FBSM. In summary, Amara is a real gem of a person and a fantastic healer. Highly recommended! Thanks!