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Testimonials: Morganne LeFaye

Therapist: Morganne LeFaye
Session Date: 6/10/18
Client: LE
Testimony: Question: What is better than spending an hour with Tantrika Morganne LeFaye? Answer: (It’s an easy one.) 90 minutes! Or even 2 hours! Doesn’t matter, whatever you can afford. It will be well worth your investment.

I had the blessed fortune to spend two hours with this Goddess from above and I was taken from the first hug. It felt so wonderful just to hold this Dakini in my arms that I could’ve done so for the entire session and not given it a second thought. She is such a kind and loving creature that it pained me to walk away from her at the end of the two hours, not knowing if our paths would ever cross this way again.

“Allow me to pamper you,” reads her website, “so that you can relax and connect with heart-centered awareness – experiencing hands of shared bliss!” Ah, yes, those heavenly hands of hers. Shared bliss. There is no other way to even adequately describe the feel of her touch and do it justice. Trained in the healing art of Sacred Touch, hers is unlike any session of which I have ever been a part. At one point she took my hands in hers and washed them; even though I was oblivious to the cleansing ceremony taking place and so tuned in to the caress of her lithe and heavenly soft fingers. It was as if God was holding my hands, for there is no other way to describe something I’ve never felt before; so loving, so sweet, so kind.

The ultimate experience, as if ordained the Universe, and I could not have asked for better company with whom to share it.