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Testimonials: Madeline Star

Therapist: Madeline Star
Session Date: 2/1/19
Reviewer: BP
Review: Wow! My overall experience with Madeline was mind blowing. She made me feel things I never knew I could feel. From her stunning goddess-like beauty, both inside and out, to her loving touch and kindness, she left a deep impression on me that I will not forget. I can’t say enough good things about my 90mins with her. You have to experience Madeline for yourself. Her presence is like no other. I’m excited to make my next appointment! 

Therapist: Madeline Star
Session Date: 6/1/18
Reviewer: DB
Review: Madeline is one of the most profoundly gifted, kind-hearted, and skilled tantrikas I have ever had a session with! I visited her in a beautiful cozy cabin, on a rainy windy night. She was warm, welcoming, and gracious. After the shower, she met me at the table, and the magic began! Such sweet, loving, sensual touch combined with amazing eye contact and soft skin-to-skin connection. Wowza! I was in heaven and totally uplifted by the experience. I highly recommend the Tantric Bliss session, because Madeline is a true dakini…a beautiful soul and a supremely gifted sensual artist! Sigh… what an exceptional experience! xoxo