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Testimonials: Liana Rose

Therapist: Liana Rose
Session Date: 10/2/18
Reviewer: Commuter
Review: Liana has the most amazing and sensual presence. She is “there" with me and treats me with tenderness and respect. She has a fantastic touch and is well worth spending an extended session with. I continue to be impressed by her skills and sensitivity. Highly recommended!

Therapist: Liana Rose
Session Date: 12/22/17
Reviewer: DS
Review: My 90 minute session with Liana was great! She is very sweet, loving, and skilled. From the minute I walked in the door, I felt welcomed, warm, and relaxed. After my shower, I got on the table and let Liana work her magic! Her massage is soft and flowing, with the perfect blend of deep tissue and soothing touch. Liana clearly loves what she does, and it shows. She's so connected and present. Seriously, Liana offers one of the most satisfying experiences anyone could dream for. Go see her... she's a treasure!