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Testimonials: Aeryn Fire

Therapist: Aeryn Fire
Session Date: 1/26/18
Reviewer: LG
Review: Some thoughts to share after my session with Aeryn Fire …
• No need to wonder if her pictures are accurate; she actually looks WAY younger than her pictures. Attribute her youthful appearance to the fact she wore no makeup for our session, and looked as lovely as ever.
• People, make no mistake about it, this young lady belongs on your Bucket List.
• We took some time to get to know each other and verbalize boundaries. 
• The turtle had it right. Slower beats faster every time. It’s not about a race to a destination (it should never be about the destination), it’s about sharing a beautiful day sailing on a journey that has no port. We were together for 2 hours and it wasn’t enough time; not even close.
• Aeryn’s bio reads, “My sessions promote a feeling of total well-being and peace, allowing you to simply melt away into bliss.” Believe her!
• I was still melting and enjoying her long, sensuous strokes to such a degree that when it came time to turn over I asked to remain face down for just a little longer. I finally turned over, even though I was bummed because of how much time didn’t remain. (It’s kinda like hitting the snooze button in the morning, ya know? Just 5 more minutes.) But I should’ve known that with Aeryn there was no need to worry. She simply said, “To be continued..." Sweet!
• Word is she’ll be at the temple about once a week so it shouldn’t be too long before I see her again. Can’t wait!

Therapist: Aeryn Fire
Session Date: 12/16/17
Reviewer: MP
Review: I had the supreme pleasure, and luck, of seeing Aeryn when she came through SC recently on her first unannounced visit to the Temple. What a great session! In person, Aeryn is captivating: her personality, her presence, her energy, her natural beauty, her dancer's physique! She immediately made me feel warm, comfortable, and at ease. And then, once our session began... wow! Her massage skills are off-the-charts! Deep, strong, healing touch. I was transported to a place of total bliss! In fact, I was still feeling the lasting effects of our session the following day. Such a magical experience! Thank you so much Aeryn!