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~ Purely Therapeutic Bodywork & Energy Healing ~

Please read below for detailed descriptions of our Temple offerings.
Incalls only in a beautiful private temple space... 5 minutes off freeway/close to Santa Cruz.

Absolutely no sexual services or any illegal offerings are available through the Temple and its therapists.



Leave the mundane world behind, let go of all stress & expectations, surrender to the loving touch & exquisite presence of the Divine Feminine!

Divine Touch Massage is our signature Temple offering. Here, the focus is on you: your relaxation, your pleasure, your bliss! While each session may be individually crafted to meet any specific needs, every Divine Touch Massage consists of highly skilled CMT-quality therapeutic bodywork, luscious body flowing connection, intuitive/sensual touch, deep soulful eye contact, and loving feminine presence.

During this delightful session, you will be gently held and expertly guided by your Temple Goddess in a safe space & sacred container ~ including heated massage table, warm oils, clean/soft linens, hot shower before & after, candles, music, beautiful art and decorations, and a truly one-of-a-kind Temple ambiance!

Divine Touch Massage is “Esalen-like” in its natural ease & flow and its warm, heart-centered sensuality. Rather than being “mutual” or “interactive”, Divine Touch Massage offers a luxurious 5-Star massage experience that focuses on your receptivity, your personal healing journey, your capacity for pleasure... it’s an exquisite opportunity to experience firsthand the gift and grace of the Goddess!

Come in and allow yourself to be pampered and loved up ~ you deserve it!

Available for individuals (1 therapist/1 client), for couples (1 therapist/2 clients), or as double/4-hands massage (2 therapists/1 client).

Extended sessions recommended (90min or longer). Cash only, thank you! 
Divine Touch Massage for Men: 1hr/$250, 1.5hr/$375, 2hr/$500, 2.5hr/$625, 3hr/$750
Divine Touch Massage for Women: 1hr/$240, 1.5hr/$350, 2hr/$460, 2.5hr/$570, 3hr/$680
Doubles / 4-Hand Massage (2 therapists/1 client): 1hr/$500, 1.5hr/$750, 2hr/$1000, 2.5hr/$1250, 3hr/$1500
Couples Bliss Massage (1 therapist/2 clients): 1.5hr/$400, 2hr/$550, 2.5hr/$700, 3hr/$800


Every moment is an opportunity to authentically connect with that beautiful human being right there in front of you, to fall in love with yourself, and to fully celebrate the joy and delight of living!

The word “Tantra” can be illusory to define, yet Margot Anand (the great master and founder of SkyDancing Tantra) says this… “When we choose with awareness what brings us pleasure and joy, we open the door to a deeper connection with Spirit!” Indeed, choosing a Tantric Bliss Bodywork session is a unique opportunity to transform physical pleasure into a deeper, more expansive experience with the Divine!

Tantric Bliss Bodywork builds upon our table-based Divine Touch Massage, and brings to the session an increased emphasis on breath, energy movement, mutual connection, eye contact, conscious communication, meditation & visualization, and other tantric practices and techniques.

In this experiential tantric massage session, the goal is to not have any goals… to move beyond the need to reach any one climactic moment and instead allow yourself to ride upon endless waves of pleasure and ecstasy. With your Temple Goddess, you will first sit together, discuss any desires or intentions, talk about tantric principles, and then gently move forward into your unique Tantric Bliss Bodywork experience. Depending of your Temple Goddess’ training and skillset, you may be invited to join her in a partner breathing practice or guided meditation, in mutual eye gazing, in partner yoga or movement, sitting face-to-face in "yab/yum", or perhaps to learn some basic (or advanced) techniques designed to enhance your ability to move energy & prolong pleasure… all of which is intended to help you attain ~ and maintain ~ higher states of ecstasy and bliss!

You are invited to savor each moment as timeless, each sensation as divine, each breath as a gift, every word or intention as conscious and sacred…ultimately to create a deeper connection with yourself, your partner(s), and in your life. Are You Ready?

(Minimum session length: 90 minutes)
Tantric Bliss for Men: 1.5hr/$400, 2hr/$525, 2.5hr/$650, 3hr/$775
Tantric Bliss for Women: 1.5hr/$375, 2hr/$500, 2.5hr/$625, 3hr/$750

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“This is Love… To fly toward a secret sky. To cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First, to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” 
~ Rumi

Couples Bliss Massage is an exquisite opportunity to dive deep into bliss with your partner. To learn, to laugh, to grow, to play... to explore together the art of sacred sensual communion. With our Temple therapist as your guide, you are invited to take part in a unique and intimate dance, during which each partner gets to experience loving sensual touch as both giver and receiver.

Imagine the depths of delight as you ~ in concert with a Temple therapist ~ give to your Beloved the gift of a 4-handed full-body thera/sensual massage. Switch places with your partner and surrender into divine pleasure as you receive the same luscious experience in return. The actual timing or order of participation need not be pre-defined, as the intention here is to co-create a timeless dance between Love, Lover, & Beloved!

Perhaps there are techniques or tips or tricks you are interested in learning, as giver or receiver? Perhaps it’s your anniversary or some other cause to celebrate? Perhaps you and your partner are further exploring the realms of intimacy within your relationship? It’s all welcome here!

Now is your time to step into the moment! We invite you, together as partners, to visit our Mystic Temple and give your selves the gift of Love!

NOTE: This offering is intended to be a sacred opportunity for you and your partner to give & receive sensual/tantric bodywork with the support of one of our skilled Temple therapists... to be clear, we do not indulge in 3-way trysts, “threesomes” or other sexual fantasies. To ensure all needs and intentions are addressed, we require prior contact with both partners before your Couples Bliss Massage begins.

Couples Bliss Massage (1 therapist/2 clients)
Minimum session length: 90 minutes
1.5hr/$400, 2hr/$550, 2.5hr/$700, 3hr/$800


Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

If you are looking for purely therapeutic, CMT-quality massage & bodywork, we have many therapists trained and certified in a number of healing modalities.... including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Esalen, Lomi Lomi, Trigger Point, Tui Na, Hot Stone, Taoist massage, and Yogassage, as well as Reiki, Luminous Body Energywork, shamanic breathwork, pranic healing, and more!

Therapeutic Bodywork & Energy Healing appointments are booked independently from our tantric/sensual offerings. Sessions are strictly therapeutic, with standard draping, and include shower before and/or after your session... your therapist will be appropriately dressed.

Please review our therapists' individual bio pages in order to learn more about each of their specific bodywork modalities and trainings. 

Purely Therapeutic Bodywork / Energy Healing Sessions
1hr/$120, 1.5hr/$180, 2hr/$240, 2.5hr/$300, 3hr/$360

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