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Inara Grace

New/Visiting Therapist
(Tantric Bliss sessions… 90 minute minimum)
Wednesday 6/5, noon-10pm
Thursday 6/6, 10am-9pm
Friday 6/7 10am-6pm

Are you ready to experience a session like never before? I’m a Sensual Goddess of the healing arts and a Sacred Priestess of ancient tantric rituals known for increasing vitality, health, and optimal living.

Let yourself be relaxed & revitalized, seen & appreciated, healed & holy as you surrender into a deep & expansive journey with me, guaranteed to get your Spirit Soaring and your Heart Roaring!

I'm a sweet and sultry woman who loves sharing her gifts. A certified therapist, bodyworker, and energetic master ~ our time together will be enlightening! Expect all your Senses to be awakened when you enter my exquisite Temple space…

  • Let your eyes behold my thousand-watt smile, my deep soulful gaze, and my beautiful feminine form ~ know that I am here to support your healing with authentic loving kindness!

  • Allow your tastebuds to be tantalized with nourishing tea & organic dark chocolates as we drop into a magical session of Sensory Delight!

  • Breathe deeply the exotic smells of sweet incense, essential oils, and my luscious skin as you simultaneously feel my intuitive & loving touch exciting your senses and awakening your whole body!

Let me celebrate you and devote my sole focus and attention to supporting you in a journey that will transform you and remind you of how Sacred You Truly Are. You deserve it!

Inara Grace