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Amara Sage

~ Monday 9/23, 5pm-10pm
~ Wednesday 9/25, 5pm-10pm
~ Thursday 9/26, 5pm-10pm

Greetings beloved seekers! I am Amara Sage… sensual bodyworker, energy healer, artistic muse, and intuitive touch therapist! I am blessed to be offering sacred sessions here at this magical and mystical Temple!.

I invite you to take an exquisite journey of the senses with me, surrendering to my soft & relaxing touch and my sincere heart-felt presence. I combine luscious sensory awakening along with a variety of delicious massage techniques.

I am here to soothe and caress you with all the warmth of my being… know that you are seen and cherished!

You will enjoy the dance of sensations and vibrations streaming through your body and soul. I promise you will leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud!

Until we meet in bliss!

Amara Sage

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